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COUNTDOWN TO 2020! 7.Gogor Comic Review

Welcome to the Uhane Comics countdown to 2020! Our countdown continues with our number seven on the list,Gogor! Now earlier in the year I have done a review on Gogor issue one and since then, the series was a short five issue run that was very unique and offered a very well constructed world that was very fun to explore. Gonna keep this review very brief only because there is nothing more I can say except the story and art are very consistent. Other than that I will only be repeating myself like a broken record, each character has a lot of great development throughout the series and even though the series ended, it had left me craving more from Ken Garing.

Overall this comic is very different and has a lot of clever,creative and amazing elements to offer. Head on over to your LCS to pick up a copy of this comic and give it a shot! The story is excellent and the art is enchanting and it simply one of the greatest reads I have done in 2019.

Thank you for reading!

-Uhane Comics

Comic Rating:…

TOP TEN COUNTDOWN TO 2020! 9.The Metal Men #1-3 Comic Review

"Will Magnus creator of the Metal Men and the scientist who managed to create sentient life, a fraud? Out of a portal deep within Challengers Mountain brings forth a new Metal Man who is made of Nth Metal, and a Devil Ray that is drawn to Will Magnus. These are the many pieces to the Metal Men and the many secrets that Doc Magnus has been trying to hide not only from them but the public for a very long time."

Welcome to the Uhane Comics, TOP TEN COUNTDOWN TO 2020! Taking our number nine spot in an ironic way is the Metal Men twelve issue mini series! For those who may not know or have never heard of the Metal Men. They are team of characters from DC comics, that first appeared in Showcase issue thirty seven and were created by Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru. The team consists of characters named Gold,Lead,Iron,Platinum,Mercury and Tin who were lead by Dr.William Magnus who is their inventor who transcended robotics and A.I when he created them. There have been many different…

TOP TEN COUNTDOWN TO 2020! 8.Folklords

"A young boy with a thirst for knowledge and a head full of visions! Young Ansel wants to travel beyond the boarders of his village in efforts to find a legend that goes beyond the belief of their village going on a quest to find the "Folklords". Though he dreams of it something goes wrong as he shows up for school the next day to present the quest he has picked out. After a close friend of his decides to steal his idea, immediately the guardians of the village "the Librarians" decide to cancel any sort of questing ideas they have pitched and instead assigns them a quest. However the two refuse to give up so easily and decide to go out on this quest together and to prove once and for all the Folklords and their ways are real.

Welcome to the Uhane Comics top ten countdown to 2020! Coming in at number eight on our countdown is a Boom comics title named Folklords issue one, this was an issue that my LCS did not put much in for the stores order but I did manage to…

TOP TEN COUNTDOWN TO 2020! 10.Power Rangers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 Comic Review

After a battle with one of Ritaʻs monsters the rangers begin to worry about Tommy due to being M.I.A yet again. While in New York City the heroes in a half shell are yet again battling against the foot who manage to successfully steal a piece of technology from a research facility, what makes this battle any different? There is a new foot ninja that Mikey nicknamed Steve that manages to not only aid the foot in their success but also beat Raphael. Though we then learn that Steve is actually, Tommy! However it seems the rangers have managed to find Tommy who leads them to believe that the turtles are another one of Ritaʻs monsters.

Welcome to the Uhane Comic Review of Power Ranger Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1! Throughout 2019 we were unsuccessful in doing anything really fun for the holidays like Halloween,Thanksgiving and Christmas so we are doing a top ten countdown of the best comics to 2020, we are excited to finally do some kind of event. Hopefully you enjoy our top ten countd…

Jumanju the next level movie review (Spoiler Free)

Welcome to the Uhane Comics review of Jumanji the next level movie review! We have took another break for the holidays but not to worry we are still around and working on new reviews and will be posting them before the end of the year along with our top ten comics of the year list. Now usually, there will be a small snippet of the movie plot but this time I am leaving it out on account for there is no way I could say something without spoiling the entire movie.

What I can say is, the movie is a very fun and worthwhile trip to the cinema I have had in a while. Found that they did a lot of clever ways of reminding us of the rules that were established about Jumanjiʻs game world, while giving us new rules to learn that make the games world very well established. Plus the characters are back and better than ever there was a lot of growth with them from the last movie that we donʻt get to see but in way, I am glad we didnʻt get to see it for it would have dragged the movie out a little long…

Addams Family Comic Review

"While searching the Addams Family library for the creepiest Grimoire, Wednesday Addams discovers a mysterious tome. It promises true empowerment to the young Woman who wields it. Wednesday is determined to complete the dark rituals within this Eleventeen magazines and achieve ultimate power."

Welcome to the Uhane Comics review of Addams Family one-shot "The Bodies Issue"! Though I already subscribed to this comic after watching the movie I just couldnʻt wait to read this issue and I must say it is very entertaining and the art is fun to look at and I admire how close the likenesses are to the movie. Plus I do like how the focus was on wednesday yet, the comic gave each member of the family a fair role throughout the story.

Looking at the story I feel that it deserved more than a one-shot although, I do understand why it was only a one-shot and not an on-going series. My favorite part of the story is how for a one-shot it offered a lot more than other comics who h…

Grendel Devilʻs Odyssey #1 Comic Review

"Humanityʻs last chance to survive now rests on the shoulder of Grendel-Prime, a space warrior that has been tasked with finding a new planet to settle on and give a humanity a fresh start. Assisted by a drone named Sigma-Seven who is a direct link to his ship and provides him with additional resources aids him on a scheduled charter to find a new planet and makes sure that Grendel-Prime keeps to his word of not eradicating the intelligent life that already exists on those planets."

Welcome the Uhane Comics review of Grendel Devilʻs Odyssey issue one! Personally, I was filled with excitement when this comic came into my LCS "Maui Comics and Collectibles because it was done by creator Matt Wagner. Who I look up as a creator for he also does the writing and art as well and not to mention I have enjoyed the Mage series that he has done. Though I will acknowledge that this isnʻt the Mage series and I expect it to be different and to be honest didnʻt really think that I woul…

The Addams Family 2019 movie review

"A kooky family that has been run off from the old country must now make a new home for themselves in New Jersey. Thirteen years later the Addams mansion is now exposed due to the marsh being drained and a new town is built in its place although the people do not know the Addams they are immediately labeled as monsters and must defend their home from the towns people who seek to try and run them off once again. Only this time, they donʻt intend on leaving without a fight."

Welcome to the Uhane Comics movie review of the Addams Family! Now when I first heard about this movieʻs announcement at first I was against it due to it being an animated movie as opposed to a live action movie. Not that an animated movie couldnʻt have been done well but, a live action movie sounded like much more fun at the time. However, this movie was not only well animated but it was also very funny, charming and seemed to have a fine mix of the many different interpretations of the Addams Family. Pl…

Avengers #25 Comic Review

"The end of the race between Robbie Reyes and Johnny Blaze in the challenge of the Ghost Riders. Blaze has pulled out all the stops with making sure that Robbie loses although all seemed lost Robbie, gets more surprising help from the Avengers and Cosmic Ghost Rider."

Welcome to the Uhane Comics review of Avengers twenty five the challenge of the Ghost Riders finale! Now I have been in love with this story arc for the series and obviously I needed to read how it ends. Although I enjoyed the book personally felt the ending to be a bit of a weak payoff and was an ending you could have guessed maybe not how it would exactly happen but, how it would end. The story had such a great build up and I do like how they involved Robbieʻs uncle Eli and how Robbie finally overcame not just him in the vessel of this celestial but just overcame everything about him in general. Also liked how Robbie being the worst Ghost Rider was mentioned and it was found as a way to be an advantage to th…

Whoo! We Reached 1000 views!

Uhane Comics is proud to say we reached a thousand views! Looking forward to continue bringing you new reviews and gonna look at doing more reviews and would like to thank the many viewers that even bothers to read my subjective opinions on comics. Right now all reviews have been put on hold, due to getting ready for Maui Comic Con.

Also will be doing more art posts and will be posting up more maps and gonna do more to improve the Blogger page and will hopefully be looking by the end of the year posting about the comics that we are working on getting published. Uhane Comics has been taking baby steps at getting things off the ground and running but, we believe that patience is key and this is all just to help build us up and give us some exposure.

Uhane Comics would also like to recognize that we have gotten our first follower to this blog and personally just say thank you to "Shell Osborne". Thank you for giving us a follow we appreciate it greatly as a token of appreciati…

The Mask I Pledge Allegiance to the Mask # 1

"The Mask is back! This time the Mask is found by a man named Abner who is a candidate for presidential election and this time seems to be targeting all his competition."

Welcome to the Uhane Comics review of  The Mask I pledge allegiance to the Mask issue one! Was very excited for this comic to come out since it was announced in previews and I must admit I wasnʻt expecting much out of it. Although it did exceed my expectation and gave us a very focused story and the beloved dark side of the Mask franchise and gives us a very interesting and humorous concept of involving the Mask in politics.

When looking at the story everything is kinda typical dark and gritty but the storytelling is well done and I like the composition of the panels and perspective. To me it really shines through and was also very fond of how they re-introduce the mask and then get rid of it for it only to be rediscovered again. At first I thought of it as a lazy way of bringing the mask in briefly just t…

White Fox #1 Comic Review

"Jimmy Woo, Leader for Atlas and headmaster of the Pan-Asain school for the unusually gifted i searching for new members to recruit into the Agents of Atlas and he looks to recruit a young woman by the name of Ami Han. Who is the new girl in school and harbors a secret she is a creature that is known as a Kumiho which is a creature from Korean Folklore that shape shifts commonly from a fox into a woman who then eats the hearts of men. Though she was taught to keep that part of her secret or else a Samjokgu, the three legged dog will come for her. Ami does whatever she can to blend in until one day her friend from school is kidnapped and Ami is forced into using her powers to find her friend after Ami was successful in the rescue a woman by the name of Director Jung recruits Ami to join forces with the South Korean National Intelligence Service."

Welcome to the Uhane Comics review of White Fox #1! Another comic that wasnʻt on my subscription pull list but it did peak my inte…

Doctor Doom #1 2019

"Doctor Doom is framed for the attacking a space station known as the Antlion program, which  was based on the moon and its purpose was to open up a black hole in order to dispose of Earthʻs waste. However the only evidence that ties Doctor Doom to this attack is that one of the terrorists had a Latvarian flag, after learning that all of Lavariaʻs allies and defense systems have been shut off. Doom does the only thing he could do in order to protect his subjects of Lavaria, which is to surrender."

Welcome to the Uhane Comics review of Doctor Doom #1! Heard about Doctor Doom getting his own series for a while and held off of subscribing to it only cause, I didnʻt really know what to expect but, after reading this issue. Found that subscribing to it would have been the best thing to do yet it is a fun title to pick up, Found the premise of the issue very fun to read and it was cool to see Doom actually want to surrender. Plus it is just fun to see Doom be Doom and what I mean…

Uncanny Annie Movie Review

" A game that takes a group of friends from the comfort of their home into a nightmarish world that brings their worst fears and secrets to life as the spirit of what seems to be a little girl named Annie slowly tries to pick off each and every one of them one by one. The rules of the game are simple as a team they need to go through a challenge and spell the name A-N-N-I-E and close the gateway to her reality within an hour or else Annie wins and they will be stuck with her for eternity."

Welcome to the Uhane Comics movie review of Uncanny Annie! While searching through Hulu came across this movie under the "Huluween" category and figured why not give a viewing and I must say. This is a very fun movie to watch it has a lot of originality to it and keeps the game that it is focused around very simple and isnʻt anything too complicated to follow along with. The movie starts off with a quick glimpse of the game but not too much to spoil the plot and allows us to get…

Batman Superman #2 Comic Review

"Batman and Superman come face to face with one of the infected the, "Shazam who Laughs"! Though they do uncover a bit more of the plot behind of Batman who Laughs as he only targets six heroes to infect now the better question is. Who and why? Though Superman said he was obviously the target and Shazam failed there are only four Batarangs left to be used. Later Batman reveals where Batman who Laughs is which is underneath the Hall of Justice and there is a twist Batman who Laughs is freed by the Superman who Laughs.

Welcome to the Uhane Comics review of Batman Superman #2! So for those who read m review of Batman Superman #1 you already know how I felt about the book. For this issue I found myself torn between liking it or disliking it due to there being unnecessary moments as well there being a few obvious giveaways to the story. However that does not mean there were not a few good moments as well in the story mostly involving the Shazam who Laughs.

Though the fight …

The White Trees a Blacksand Tale #2

"Three heroes made way behind enemy lines to find out that they were lied to and their children were actually back home the entire time locked in their kingdoms dungeon. Why? Their king wanted to have his finest warriors back fighting so he had to deceive them which was a big mistake for now he had to face the wrath of Krylos. However the end of this comic is left completely up to interpretation or whether or not it truly ends or, it never really began?"

Welcome to the Uhane Comics review of White Trees a Blacksand Tale #2! The first comic gave us a lot of fun yet out there elements that just fit the theme and made it work for the most part.Though the bigger question for me was, how does a two part comic series wrap up? The answer to that is..pretty wonky yet enjoyable for the most part the comic is a very quick read and they cut out the sex stuff and focus on the three heroes and their main objective which is getting their kids back. Gonna save time talking about the art a…

Year of the Villain Joker #1 Comic Review

"Joker breaks out of Arkham Asylum with his henchman and goes out looking for what fun is to be had and randomly decides that they both should be heroes. Together they go around Gotham and try to do some heroic acts but the henchman begins to learn on how backwards his heroic antics can be."

Welcome to the Uhane Comics review of  Year of the Villain Joker #1! When this book came out I was on the fence about getting it but, decided to anyone only because most Joker related books that came out didnʻt really interest me.However due to it being John Carpenter sold me on picking it up for a read and for those who have read my review on the Riddler book it gave me a little more hope in the Year of the Villain titles. Before going any further with the review would like to admit that this book has proven me wrong on it and glad that I did pick it up and gave it a read. Hands down one of the best DC books I have read so far. Loved one thing in this comic and that is the lack of Batma…

Cobra Kai #1 Comic Review

"A recap comic of the events in Cobra Kai and Karate Kid for those who havenʻt had a chance to watch the show or donʻt really follow the story line of the Karate Kid Saga."

Welcome to the Uhane Comics review of Cobra Kai #1! Loved the show, I love the Karate Kid and how many years later there is more story to it than people thought and we finally get to see things from the point of view from Johnny Lawrence that has been neglected for quite sometime and the show has introduced a lot of fun concepts although. For those who donʻt know the show is about to be released for free on YouTube and gives more viewers a chance to watch it opposed to paying the subscription fee for YouTube Red. Plus this comic is for the people who just never watched Cobra Kai or even the Karate Kid and what I loved about it is that it is a very faithful comic adaptation and mixes it up with the story telling it cuts to the point and doesnʻt waste a page or a panel to tell something that didnʻt happen …

RWBY #1 Comic Review

"a group of heroes that formed the team RWBY fights to protect the world from monsters known as "Grimm" though not all goes right and now they have been split up each of goes back to their homes as one of them is left in recovery."

Welcome to the Uhane Comics review of RWBY #1! Now I knew nothing about this series except that there were Funko Pops for it and a customer sold me on it when they said it started out like how the Guild did but instead of a live action it was a low budget anime that had a lot of charm to it. Going into this book I found it be nothing more than a curiosity title meaning it is one of those books you just wanna see the direction it takes with the characters and story for in this issue I know my story snippet is very odd but reason being for that is. The comic made me confused on what the story is about to begin with due to it being kinda confusing seems that there is a lot of time jumping between the story. Which took me out of it and I wan…

Vampire State Building Comic Review

" A good time with friends at the Empire State Building turns into a night of terror when the building becomes over run by hordes of Vampires and now a soldier and his ex-girlfriend must do what they can to survive this nightmare as the building is locked down with Vampires lurking around every dark corner."

Welcome to the Uhane Comic Review of Vampire State Building #1! This comic is a very captivating book to read and it will have you on the edge of your seat and thoroughly enjoyable from cover to cover even the four page preview that is included is pretty humorous. While looking through the independents at my LCS "Maui Comics & Collectibles" came across this comic and unfortunately there were only three copies which is more than likely the shop wonʻt be getting any future issues in but, as mentioned I did enjoy this first issue which starts out very strong and gets you hooked by page three.

Story wise to me it is very original and I like how it made the Empi…

Star Wars Adventures Return to Vaderʻs Castle #1 Comic Review

"A group of younglings are sent to the planet "Lotho Minor" where what seemed to be a test given by the droid Captain Spikewheel turns out to be a monster hunt for the horned devil Darth Maul that has a Drider appearance. Though things go wrong when really the job was nothing more than Maul tricking them bringing him a ship to take him off the planet."

Welcome to the Uhane Comics review of Star Wars Adventures Return to Vaderʻs Castle #1! Though I did leave the part of returning to Mustafar and seeing the story teller out of the recap but, that is always how any horror anthology starts off. This is a very fun and well thought out comic everything about it was very nicely done with a minor complaint that I can always build a bridge and get over in no time. The last volume of this series was amazing and I enjoyed it very much due to Star Wars finally catching my attention and that is doing a horror related comic and to me the entire volume was awesome and hoped I wou…

Black Terror #1 Comic Review

" Bob Benton is a pharmacist that struggles what he thinks is PSTD when really it is simply just him resisting the urge to become his former superhero again, the Black Terror.Though all is not what it seems when he learns that his old nemesis Black Satan has been watching over him making sure that he doesnʻt become the Black Terror again by sending someone to spy on him. However it seems that the spy has failed for he reclaims his mantle as Black Terror and is no longer afraid of who he was and accepts who he will always bee Black Terror."

Welcome to the Uhane Comics Review of Black Terror #1! Found out about this book when David Nakayama announced he was doing a variant cover and I just had to check it out. The comic had a very interesting perspective from the stand point of how does a hero cope with what he has done as his alter ego the Black Terror.Also enjoyed reading about the constant battle he has been having with himself mentally because it shows that heroes are perfe…

Avengers #24 Comic Review

"After a failed exorcism of Robbie Reyesʻ who was sent to the king of hell himself Johnny Blaze.Where Robbie was challenged by Johnny to a race, though the other Avengers were left to defend themselves as Avengers Mountain became possessed. Later the Avengers discovered that the cause was another Ghost Rider.
-Avengers #23 recap

"After the challenge of the ghost rider is started Robbie Reyes finds himself against all odds as the king of hell Johnny Blaze pulls out a lot of tricks to prevent Robbie from winning and what can be worse? Dealing with Cosmic Ghost Rider in the realm of the living! Pretty much walking through Thor and She-Hulk Cosmic Ghost Rider goes on a rampage through Avengers Mountain and pretty much tosses everyone around like a rag doll.Though in Hell Robbie meets all the ghost riders of the past and together they help him even the odds against Johnny Blaze.However Johnny busts out one last surprise for Robbie but, the Avenger soon learn Cosmic Ghost Rider h…

Nomen Omen #1 Comic Review

"Two Women who were on a road trip come across an unusual accident and discover another Woman who is pregnant named Naya. Though all is not what it seems when Naya shows the two Women that she had strange powers by transferring her baby into one of the Women before dying. Years later, the two Women not only had the baby but raised her and named her Rebecca who is now twenty one. However the big mystery starts when Rebecca is killed at her party by a demon who rips out her heart and for not only the power it has but, to also take care of his "Children"."

Welcome to the Uhane Comics review of Nomen Omen #1! Some customers at my LCS was stoked on this book and made it a high priority to pick it up and unfortunately for me I never heard anything about it.Though once the book was in I made sure to pick it up and see what all the fuss was about since it was re-guarded as the "hot book" of the week.Though this book does have me really torn on it, because there i…

Ghost Rider #1 2019 Comic Review

"Demons are escaping Hell and are now running a muck in New York and now, it is up to the King of Hell himself Johnny Blaze to bring them back. Though it seems he canʻt do it alone so he finds Danny Ketch and asks him for help but,Danny wonʻt do it. Next we find out that there are many that seek to take the throne of Hell away from Johnny for they see him as a false king though it seems that the biggest threat to the throne is Johnny himself."

Welcome to a special Uhane Comics review of Ghost Rider #1! This comic has exceeded my expectations and surprised me in many ways,specifically with the story. Now as far as choices of Ghost Riders goes I do like how they incorporated both Danny Ketch and Johnny Blaze I do like the twist of why Johnny has returned to New York and yet I did find there is a little bit more mystery to it. Now Obviously I have read and reviewed the Avengers Challenge of the Ghost Riders story arc though I have not read the Absolute Carnage tie in Symbiotes …

Secret Warps Ghost Panther #1

Welcome to the Uhane Comics review of Secret Warps Ghost Panther #1! Usually there is a story recap in these reviews but, thatʻs the problem. What was the real story and felt a little unfocused and not gonna lie I avoided Secret Warps as much as possible not that I found it stupid but more of something that would confuse me and I was right. The story to me was all over the place and made me glad that I didnʻt heavily invest into the series or event so as far as story goes didnʻt really follow or paid much attention to it. Not everything was bad I did enjoy the combination of characters being used such as the Ghost Panther itself and having the Panther be the spirit of Tʻchallas dad was nice touch to have the character stand out more. Not just for ghost panther I did enjoy every character in the comic and who they were mixed with a lot of it was very fun to see.The concept of a universe folded in on itself that is self contained within the Soul Stone is an enjoyable concept but seems …

Year of the Villain The Riddler #1 Comic Review

"Riddler hits a point in his life where he contemplating the riddle that he solve "Why canʻt he beat Batman?" Though one night he sees Lex Luthor stand before him and tells Edward Nigma the only riddle you canʻt seem to solve is himself. After some time of thinking the Riddler abandons not only his partner in crime King Tut, he also abandons the Riddler persona in general or at least thatʻs how it seems."

The comic is filled with a lot of fun concepts and moments though it did have its fair share of problems as well. Honestly the best parts of the comic didnʻt even involve the Riddler but King Tut which seems to me that he is supposed to be the comedic relief and Riddler is the serious one. Yet everything about King Tut is just awesome and pretty much steals the comic from the Riddler with everything involving him from his flash back of his fight with Batman to even going to see his home is in the form of a sphinx. Even his plans is just hilarious and so much fun …

Batman Superman #1 Comic Review

Welcome to the Uhane Comics review of Batman Superman #1! This book was something I never wanted to read to be very honest though I did enjoy Dark Knights Metal and the concept of Batman Who Laughs, felt that he is being over pushed or will become overly pushed similar to Harley Quinn and Deadpool. To be specific there is being over with the fans similar to wrestling and there is being over pushed to the point where you shoved too much in the fans faces to a point that makes it sickening. Tough while I was on break at my LCS the comic was just in my sights for a while and even my co-workers told me not to read it for it was terrible and after a while of staring at the comic I gave in and just had to read it for the terrors that were in store for me but that was not the case with this comic.

"Batman and Superman are called to a missing childʻs case where a young boy named Danny Mills was kidnapped by the Batman Who Laughs.Together they must find Danny and put a stop to the Batma…